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All Strategy Requires Change

All strategy requires change. Either you are changing from nothing to something, something to something else or something to nothing.

- Barbara A. Scott

Change is the vehicle for strategy. When changing an organizational strategy - the people in the vehicle and the process and technology impacted by it need to be taken into consideration. You don't want the people in the bus trying to tip it over as you are attempting this daring climb up the hill. Nor should you fail to research the technical capabilities of the bus - how many people can it hold, at what weights and at what grade the brakes will fail.

You can't manage what you can't measure and if you can't effectively measure the impacts of change both positively and negatively from a baseline then you will not be able to manage it.

If your strategy (or change) involves or interacts with the human element - its important to be ready to address the potential for a negative response to change - particulary if you have done a poor job of communicating its value, purpose or reason in a manner that drives support or understanding.

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