Developing partnerships that enable business start-up, growth, improvement or expansion, utilizing the most cost effective, proven business and technology strategies while delivering measureable, sustainable results that aim to provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations and improves the bottom line.


Presence Management Consulting was founded by Barbara A. Scott, a business and technology strategist, continuous improvement expert, Amazon best selling author and change agent, with two decades of experience building multi-stakeholder consultative relationships, managing full lifecycle projects, and executing strategies to grow, improve and innovate Fortune 500 businesses using process and technology as conduits to empower people increasing productivity and profitability.


A deep sustainability and corporate social responsibility advocate, with a pronounced commitment to transformative change in these times of environmental and social crises, which manifests in consulting, coaching, writing, public speaking and more. 


Barbara has worked with community-based, corporate, non-profit, & public-service organizations, creating outstanding results through a rare combination of conventional change consulting approaches and cutting-edge innovations leveraging her years of experience in the business and technology arenas and her skills as a Six Sigma black belt in process engineering.  She collaboratively designs, develops and implements systems that consistently deliver quality results, improving the triple bottom-line of the business or organization [people, planet and profit].


Through strategic consulting, leadership coaching, and customized workshops, Barbara assists individuals and organizations with driving an internal ethos of continuous improvement, one person and process at a time. Learn more about Row Your Own Boat NOW!


Her leadership and communication skills across all levels of an organization allow her to quickly define a problem so that a solution can be developed that not only meets the needs of the customer, but also exceeds their expectations.


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