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Developing strategic partnerships with business owners and entrepreneurs to fuel start-up, growth, and expansion utilizing the most cost effective, reliable and innovative business and technology strategies which guarantee measurable, sustainable results that exceed customer expectations, ultimately driving increased profitability and success.


Barbara A. Scott, a business and technology strategist, continuous improvement expert, Amazon best selling author, change agent and deep sustainability and corporate social responsibility advocate, founded Presence Management Consulting.


She brings two decades of experience building multi-stakeholder consultative relationships, managing full lifecycle projects, executing strategies to grow, improve, and innovate Fortune 500 businesses, and delivering agile process improvements and complex technology solutions to community-based, corporate, non-profit, and government organizations.


Barbara makes use of process and technology as conduits to empower people and increase productivity and profitability. She also has a pronounced commitment to transformative change in these times of environmental and social crises which manifests in consulting, coaching, writing, public speaking and more.

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